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It began as an obsession with a children’s riddle...

The Colbie’s team initially joined forces to find the answer to a question that has vexed society for years. After multiple late-night discussions and a few rounds of arm wrestling, we finally arrived at our definitive conclusion. We know that “the chicken comes first.”

It makes sense. We start with the best birds, the ones might even know calculus. We then introduce them to time-honored Southern-kissed recipes and surround them with comfort food staples like homemade hush puppies, Colbie-style slaw, and handmade floats. Most importantly, we provide this in an environment that genuinely appreciates everyone involved: the guest, the staff, the community.

This is the difference between Colbie’s and other fast-casual concepts. We welcome candidates to our team based on their personality, and we ask that they bring that spirit to our guests. We embrace creativity and encourage everyone to join in our development. When it comes to everything we do, we know that “fast” doesn’t have to mean “abrupt.”

Colbie's Mission

To create delicious and memorable food and drinks that meet the highest standards of quality, flavor, and freshness and to bring creative culinary expertise and attention to detail to all aspects of Colbie's restaurants.

Colbie's Promise

To consistently provide a "Southern Kissed" restaurant experience to our guests by demonstrating impeccable service, engaging hospitality, knowledge of our craft, and unwavering belief in the vision of Colbie's restaurants.